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Welcome! I am Jessica Zuik, RN - a Mommy, Wife, Certified Pediatric Nurse, and lifelong Clevelander. As the CLE Mommy, RN I use my expert pediatric assessment skills and nursing knowledge to bring individualized newborn education directly to you.
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Individualized, expert newborn education taught in the comfort of your own home.
Where is the Manual on this Baby?
Ever wonder why we take prenatal newborn classes BEFORE we really know the questions to ask? I do. "Where is the Manual on this Baby?" is your unique opportunity to get to know your baby - when you REALLY have questions - after the baby is home.
American Heart Association Infant CPR
Arguably the MOST IMPORTANT class you can take as a new parent. American Heart Association Friends and Family Infant CPR will teach you everything you need to know in case of an emergency.
Grandparents Are AWESOME
Did you know that most new grandparents have TONS of questions about caring for babies at this point in their lives. Preparing them for this amazing job is one of the best investments you can make as a parent. This nurturing and nonjudgmental session teaches Infant CPR, the newest American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, and allows them to dust off their baby skills.

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