Who am I?

After graduating from Cleveland State University in 2006 with a Bachelors in Nursing I began my career as a pediatric nurse in Cleveland’s premier children’s hospital.  The CRAZY pace of inpatient pediatric nursing was both exhilarating and exhausting.  In 2011 I began working as a Patient and Family Educator – teaching families how to care for sick children in order to transition those kiddos back to their own homes.  Fast forward to today, and I am a wife, mommy of 2 gorgeous boys, Certified Pediatric Nurse, and business owner.  When I am not teaching patients, families, or grandparents I can be found at any number of hockey rinks in the greater Cleveland area cheering on my boys, cooking, or gardening in my Shaker Heights home.

Why did I start CLE Mommy, RN?

As a bedside RN I spent so much time with the new mommies and daddies.  Like me as a new mom, they had SOOO many questions about their new little babe.  Questions they hadn’t thought to ask in any of their prenatal classes.  Questions they forgot to ask during their 15 minutes appointment with the pediatrician.  Questions they didn’t want to ask their friends and family likely because they didn’t know if they could trust their answers.

Getting to know your baby and learning to trust your instincts is tough work.  Now on the other side of that process I see just how blessed I was to have amazing and knowledgeable people around me from whom I could draw support.  My  closest friends at the time consisted of other nurse/mommies, doctors, and one highly underpaid behavioral specialist.   Expert advice was literally one phone call or text away.  With their support I was able to fine tune my inner radar, learn to trust my gut, and feel truly empowered as a mommy.


CLE Mommy, RN is my way of giving you access to all of these resources.  Whether through web content or individualized, private newborn classes with me, I hope to become your trusted source for answers along your journey into parenthood.