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Ever wonder what advice doctors and nurses give to each other behind the scenes?

When setting out to build CLE Mommy, RN I reflected on all the times I reached out to my Mommy-Nurse and Mommy/Daddy-Doctor friends for advice and reinforcement my pediatric health knowledge.  I had no idea this connection could be so special...at the time it just seemed normal.

If you have read my About Me page you can probably guess where I am going with this...

Why doesn't everyone have access to all of this expert health knowledge?

Well...DUN DUN DUN...

Now You Do!

CLE Mommy, RN will be bringing you Expert Advice from local specialists in the greater CLE.  Simply Titled:

The (local expert) Says

Amazing doctors, nurses, childcare professionals will be contributing to this blog in the VERY near future.  AHEM - VERY SOON. Together we will be bringing you THE expert advice you have always wanted to know when caring for your kiddos.

But this is where I need you.  What are some of the topics that you are DESPERATE to better understand?  Leave a comment below so that I can seek out the answers that resonate with you.

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Know someone who will soon be a new parent or grandparent? Encourage them to check out CLE Mommy, RN.

CLE Mommy, RN is devoted to EMPOWERING new parents with the exact knowledge they need to care for their new baby. Every new family is treated to private, individualized, expert newborn education classes in the comfort of their own home. Taking prenatal newborn care classes is like learning how to play an instrument before you even own it. Don’t make that mistake.  Get the right resources you need, when you need them in order to ENJOY all of your days as a new parent.  Contact CLE Mommy, RN now to book your private session!

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